Patrick Ames, "Oskuro" is a Co-Founder, Producer and DJ at EARTHTONE. Growing up in a hispanic household he was exposed to a lot of salsa, bachata, and merengue, but was also put onto classic era Hip Hop thanks to his older sisters. After receiving his first guitar at the age of 11, he discovered music was his passion.

As the years passed, he started to learn other instruments as well, including drums, bass guitar and some basic piano.  Around 20 yrs old, Oskuro picked up DJing and him and Aions started performing at local parties together. Oskuro quickly made the transition from heavy guitar riffs and mosh pits to sub pressure and dubby delays.

After a few years of DJing, he began spinning records and discovered an even bigger appreciation for the art of turntablism.  Focusing on Hip-Hop, Grime, Garage, Breakbeat, and House, Oskuro began producing his own music with elements from the music he grew up listening to.

Oskuro - meaning "Dark" in spanish, is the sound hes trying to encompass through his music. Although he pushes these deeper sounds, hes currently working on different multi-genre projects, including a lo-fi instrumental alias and more. 

Oskuro has spent more than half of his life writing music and is constantly looking to grow. He aspires to keep learning and more importantly, continue to push his craft. Keep your ear to the ground.