[from the left] Top Row: Oskuro, Ika, Bobby Moses Bottom Row: Aions, Gi Major

[from the left]
Top Row: Oskuro, Ika, Bobby Moses
Bottom Row: Aions, Gi Major

Established in 2015, The EARTHTONE family consists of an eclectic group of DJ’s, Producers, and MC’s, that combine the sounds of deep bass, grime, garage, & hip-hop, to give supporters a unique live act that bridges the gap between genres. 

Since coming together, EARTHTONE has striven to make an everlasting impact on the underground bass community in New York City.  Staying true to their ideology "build bridges, not walls," the multi-faceted collective has provided a platform for both local and international acts to share their artistry and talent on stage, leaving pretentiousness at the door.  

Highly versatile, all EARTHTONE artists are able to play simultaneously [Ika, Aions, & Oskuro b2b on the decks - with Gi & Bobby controlling the mic], or the DJ's & MC's can be booked in any variation [solo or as a unit].

Their well-curated event series, dynamic live act, and distinct sound, has enabled them to share the stage with some of the most reputable acts in the bass music industry today: Kahn & Neek, El-B, Sleeper, Quest, Joe Nice, Truth, Commodo, Sir Spyro, AJ Tracey, Epoch, Kursk, Plastician, Fixate, Doctor Jeep, Biome, Logan Sama, DJ Madd, Versa

Influenced by the roots of urban culture, the EARTHTONE collective seeks to promote intersectionality and tolerance through music.  Like sediments that are transported over the earth and formed into layers, their sound is just that.

One Love. One Sound. Sedimentary.