With past influences that range from Metalcore, Electronic, Ambient, all the way to UK Hip-Hop, Aions is no stranger to the dark and moodier sides of the music spectrum.   His eclectic library allows him to translate his emotions to his audience, effortlessly connecting with his listeners subconscious.

Since 2007, Aions has dedicated himself to mastering the art of mixing and turntablism.  As of recent he has placed a larger emphasis on his own productions – however, he is an avid supporter of other artists’, and enjoys introducing people to new music through his well-curated selection.

While primarily focusing on Dubstep & Grime, Aions sets seamlessly transition through a variety of sounds, all while being sure to maintain a deep and soulful vibe.

As of 2015, Aions has been DJing & Producing as a founding member of the EARTHTONE collective, and has been booked throughout the U.S. at various showcases and venues. 

To get a deeper glimpse into the many forms of Aions, be sure to listen to his 3-hour soundscape, “Explorations,” live from Halcyon Record Shop.

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